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HOLTER-monitor RENT for breeders

Starting from March 2022 we are offering a new service:

Holter monitor rent for screening purposes in breeding dogs

Rent is possible in Helsinki, Kotka and Loviisa.

Prices and conditions: 1-3 days Holter monitor rent/dog: 155 - 65 EUR incl. vest, accessories (electrodes, battery, card), manual.

Additional services, not included in the price: 100 EUR / 24h - reading of the recording and Holter report

+ cardiologist interpretation of the Holter report

* If you need assistance with placement and removal of the Holter monitor contact us in advance. Offer is done individually and must be agreed separately on every occasion.

Special offer can be requested for continuous cooperation or larger number of dogs.

More information:, 020-7418535


Holter monitoring in dogs: read more

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