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Prices and payment methods


Ahma Eläinklinikka (Helsinki) -  Loviisan Eläinklinikka Lovet (Loviisa)  -   Eläinlääkäri MinVet (Kotka)

You can find here some of our service fees. The prices are indicative and include VAT, clinic fee, procedure and equipment fee. We reserve the right to change the price list. Medicines and care products are added to the indicated price Accessories, home care products, laboratory tests and other measures are charged separately. Price estimate can be provided individually on request.

Payment methods include cash, bank and most of credit cards. You can also pay using Resurs Lasku. You can find more information here


Meillä toimii myös Lähi-Tapiolan, Agrian, Ifin sekä Pohjantähtin suorakorvausjärjestelmä. Palvelua varten tarvitset käynnille mukaan eläimen vakuutusnumeron tai asiakasnumerosi.

It is also possible to make direct payments using Lähi-Tapiola, Agria and Pohjantähti direct compensation system.

Pohjantähti    9-16

Agria    9-16.30

LähiTapiola    9-17

If    8-24


Appointment must be canceled latest on the day preceding the visit. We are entitled to charge the visit fee, in case the cancellation is not done in time. 


Nettiajanvaraus ja Hinnasto

Internet booking (only in Finnish) available exclusively for Lovet (Loviisa) , MinVet (Kotka) and Ahma (Helsinki). 

Other clinics: contact the clinic directly (contact details)

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